History of the School of Science and Technology Education Center

                    The Department of Education,Culture and Sports, Butuan City Division, launched the Science and Technology Education Center ( STEC ) in Butuan Central Elementary School, Central Butuan District-I on April 2001

                    The STEC was the brainchild of Dr. Eden C. Omboy, then the Schools Division Superintendent of Butuan City Division. It came out to realization when she found out from her study that elementary schools were not performing well  due to the absence of Science laboratories and functional libraries.Thereby, after presenting such concer to Sec.  Andrew Gonzales of DECS,the latter signifies his approval in the creations of such a special program.

                   Using Butuan Central Elementary School of pilot school, the program aims to implement curricular reforms to make education relevant and responsive to the needs of modern times. it offers  improvenment of Science and Mathematics instructions in the elementary level. Also, computer  lessons were introduced to prepare the pupils for excellence in school through Science and Technology.

Dr. Eden C. Omboy saw to it that teaching staff were Master teachers. It sealed with four (4) sections in grade five with Mrs. Lucita A. Carusos, Mrs. Luna C. Plaza,Miss Linda B. Butao, Mrs. Rosela Dalaorao as teachers. Two months later Mrs. Dalaorao was replaced by Mrs. Elizabeth M. Ysulan; and four section in grade six with Mrs. Andresa Pacon, Mrs. Linda G. Trinos, Mrs. Froilan So and Miss Cleo-An B. Malicay as teachers; Mrs. Ophelia C. Balla and Mrs. Emma D. Chan as computer teachers. The implementing teachers then, were Mrs. Lolita R. Galas and Mrs. Belma Nonan.

                      School Year 2002-2003, grade five was reduced to two sections and Mrs. Grace Monton became one of the teachers. Two sections in grade four were opened with Mrs. Lucita A. Carusos and Mrs. Luna C. Plaza. On the same year, Mr. Froilan So was replaced by Miss Marjorie de Gracia  ( Managa ) and Mrs. Marivic Baluat replaced Mrs. Erlinda G. Trinos. Mrs. Maritess A. Cagape joined the STEC family as music teacher.
                    School Year 2003-2004, Mrs. Lucita A. Carusos was replaced by Mr. Restituto Navarro. That same year, two section in grade three were opened with Mrs. Charina A. Jimenez and Mrs. Suzette Atentido ( Rara ) as teachers . Grade six was reduced to two sections with Mrs. Elizabeth M. Ysulan and Miss Cleo-An Malicay as advisers.

                  School Year 2004-2005, STEC became a complete elementary school. Two sections for both grades one and two started to hold a whole day session class. That same year Mrs. Leonida Bustillo replaced Mr. Restituto Navarro. Five months later Mrs. Wendelyn Balagot replaced Ms. Leonida Bustillo.

               Mrs. Anacorita B. Balderas Headed the STEC from the day it was launched until    December 2005 as School Principal - I for six months Mrs. Elizabeth M. Ysulan acted as Officer-in-Charge of STEC.

               Mr. Donald D. Orbillos, Principal - I was assigned to STEC as School Head in June 3, 2006.
Mrs. Rosemarie D. Olmedo, Principal - II replaced Mr. Orbillos transferred to Baan River Side, Mrs. Lorna C. Conde replaced Mrs. Olmedo. And Mr. Navarro transferred at Sumilihon Elementary School.